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Job shadowing is an ideal way to gain some hands-on experience in a field that interests you.  This simply means finding an individual who would allow you to “tag along” as they engage in their usual work.  It may include some time set aside to ask questions as well.

To set up a Job Shadowing experience, use your networking skills.  Talk to people you know like relatives, professors, or former employers.  They (or someone they know) might be willing to have you job shadow. You can always start by conducting an informational interview which can lead to a shadowing experience.  


An internship is an even more in-depth way of exploring a potential occupation.  Doing an internship should give you a really good taste of what it would be like to actually work in a given field.  And of course, an internship provides you with invaluable experience to add to your resume.  In the current economy, one of the best things a student can do is to complete an internship before graduating.  You’ll gain a network and numerous transferable skills.  Check out our page on internships!

Part-time jobs

Like internships, part-time jobs are a great way to dip yourself into a particular job that you find interesting.  You can find part-time jobs in anything from research labs to university dining.  Check for opportunities during the summer and off campus as well. 


Not enough time for a part-time job or internship?  Don’t underestimate the power of a volunteer experience!  Volunteer opportunities are a great way to network and get a taste of a particular job field or setting.  Ask about volunteer opportunities at a place that interests you.  

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